Upcoming Playstation 3 Releases and Bargain Bin Sleeper Hits

With Sony focusing much of it’s effort on the impending reveal and release of the PlayStation 4, many forget that the PS3 still has a wealth of diverse content still available, with new games on the horizon. Let’s take a look at the releases for the month of May.
May 21stResident Evil Revelations: A HD Console port of the successful Nintendo 3DS handheld version of the game. Supposedly, this title is attempting to instill the “survival horror” atmosphere that made the first few installments on the original PlayStation and GameCube so successful. So far, previews have been quite warming and if you are a fan of the franchise and hoping it returns to its genuine horror roots, then this title may seek your interest. But don’t take my word for it, there is now a demo available on PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Marketplace and the Wii U eShop available for download, so give it a try and let me know what you think by posting a comment!


The LiveRoutes feature allows players to constantly change track design on-the-go.


Impressive visuals, great collision detection, cut-throat enemy AI and 82 tracks should make Grid 2 a very compelling and addictive racer

May 28th Grid 2: A racing game being released by racing enthusiast company house CodeMasters. Grid 2 is a sequel to the successful original release which garnered near universal positive reviews for it’s unique gameplay mechanics. The original featured exotic track locales all over Europe extending to Japan and the sequel will be no different, reportedly including up to 82 tracks. Also packed into this non-traditional racer is a split-screen competitive mode, which is nice to see since most new releases opt strictly for multiplayer via online exclusively. There is something to be said for gaming with a group of close friends in the same room, the comradery just cannot be matched. Also, the LiveRoutes feature in Grid 2 allows players to build custom maps on the fly. Not quite sure how this works, but nonetheless I am quite intrigued and have been looking for a new racer since Split/Second came out.


Fuse was developed by the same team that brought you the Resistance series of exclusives on the PS3, so I’m hoping the PS3 version will be visually superior and more stable then it’s XBOX counterpart


May 28thFuse: A four-player co-op based FPS shooter being released by everybody’s favorite company, Electronic Arts. Fuse has you in command of a special-ops type team codenamed Overstrike-9. Whilst on a mission your squad discovers a new type of weapon revolving around the properties of a mysterious and dangerous alien chemical. While examining this new type of weapon your squad’s weapons and bodies briefly become exposed to this volatile substance. Each member of your team now posses a unique ability that will allow you to strategically fight the hordes of solders and mechanical robots swarming your way.  While playing in 4-player co-op mode gives you the most fun to be able to exercise all your partners special abilities with your friends, single-player will also allow for control over each character involving “the Leap”, a gameplay element meant to allow one player to switch between the four different characters and benefit from their different skill sets. Also another release that features local co-op, a nice touch for the gamer that still likes real social interaction during their game playing. The FUSE DEMO has  been available for download since May 7th on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace. The online four-player co-op demo or two-player split screen (SCORE!) allows you to experience the full range of unique aberrations in each squad mate caused by exposure to the Alien artifact. Post your comments below on what you think of Fuse.

And of course, rounding out this week’s posts is a special look at Bargain-Bin priced PS3 software ($16 or less) that have been generally overlooked by the gaming public but are excellent games in their own right and offer oodles of fun for ridiculously low prices. This weekend, I shall explore some of these sleeper hits and tell you why their worth the scantly clad investment listed on the sticker price of the package. Look for this article under my REVIEWS section.


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