Sony’s E3 Press Conference hits a Homerun


The PlayStation 4 Hardware in all it’s glory. Also pictured is the Dual shock 4 controller and the new PlayStation Eye Camera

Being a Sony fan since the first incarnation of the original Playstation way back in the lat 90’s, anytime Sony reveals or spills juicy details about a new product launch for the first time I’m all ears…. and eyes as in the case of last night’s 9:00 PM Live stream of Sony’s E3 Press Conference. Sony went over a lot of different details and amidst the suspenseful climax to the PS4 reveal and important facts, Sony also had time to assuage PS3 owners fears that the 7 year old H/W would still be supported well after the PS4’s launch. This comes as no surprise to me, as Sony supported their championed PS2 console well into the first and second years of the PS3 launch with some of the consoles finest releases coming at the end of the PS2’s lifecycle (ie: God of War 2). It appears Sony is making good on it’s reputation of still supporting the 70 million plus PS3 owners world-wide this holiday season and even into next year. Some of Sony’s best exclusives are being released this year (ie: The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls. Rain, Gran Turismo 6)  along with some awesome 3rd party releases such as GTA 5.  Here are some of the most interesting facts revealed from Sony’s E3 Press Conference:

  1. The PS4 will be released at the price point of $400 come this holiday season, a lean $100 lower them rival Xbox One
  2. The PS4 has around 20 games that will be available at launch, titles confirmed for PS4 launch were DriveClub, KillZone: Shadow Fall and Knack (developed by PS4 Lead Architect Mark Cerny)
  3. Sony’s CEO and President of their North America Operations Jack Tretton  took direct shots at Microsoft and made it abundantly clear that the PS4 will operate the same as it’s predecessor when it comes to used games. To further drive home the point, Tretton had a a powerpoint presentation ready. This drew loud applause from those in attendance across the show-room floor. Personally speaking, I couldn’t be more happier. DRM, licensing installations and activations are nothing more than a hindrance for the consumer. Once you pay $40-$60 for a product, you should own it outright and be able to do with it as you please. I’m sick of publishers using piracy as a scapegoat to further tighten the reigns of control over gamers. Sony made a clear stand for it’s user base and fans and it’s about fucking time.
  4. Sony’s much maligned Vita handheld will be getting a major boost this fall when the PS4 is released. Sony mandated that all games released for it’s next-gen console must support remote-play on the Vita or use the Vita in some fashion to heighten the game experience. Sony also announced that a bevy of new Vita games would be unveiled by years end, around 85 or so games I believe.
  5. The PlayStation 4 will NOT require a constant online internet connection to work. This is extremely important since not everyone has high-speed internet access, or internet at all. Also, some of the countries where the PS4 will likely be shipped to and sold do not have constant and stable internet access. Microsoft, on the other hand, requires their Xbox One unit to be connected so it can  “phone-home” once every 24 hours. This might be acceptable 8-10 years from now when the internet is as commonplace as your electricity provider, but currently for many people the internet is a luxury, especially in a down economy.

Much to the surprise of the audience and the world watching, Sony emphatically embraced it’s traditional used game policy as Jack Tretton gleefully touted the PS4 would be a video game console first and foremost


Much like the PS3, PS2 and even the PS1, Sony put to rest the notion that they will restrict used games via DRM and instead the PS4 will have little-to-no used game restrictions on the PS4. This comes as welcome news since the XBOX One has a “phone-home” system which requires an internet connection and DRM for new and used games


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