UPDATE [6/27]”Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn” Exclusives on HiddenDefinition


I myself may also be included in the closed beta test for the PS3 version of FFXIV. The testing for North America is scheduled based, which resumes this weekend. I will have correspondence from my friend so that I can bring you all the latest news and information on the development of this upcoming MMORPG. Hopefully, this will include screenshots as well as videos! Also, I have posted an editorial piece about the transition from the physical medium to all digital game downloads. You can it here.


I am enthralled to announce that HiddenDefinition will have exclusive details on the upcoming PS3/PS4 exclusive FFXIV.  One of my good friends has been accepted into the final phase of the closed beta test program, which I believe had a limit of about 4,000 to 5,000 participants for the PS3 closed beta. Hopefully we will be able to post exclusive pics and videos from the game, as well as details regarding the gameplay and her overall experience as a tester. Again, this is a HiddenDefinition exclusive preview of FFXIV! As soon as I have details to post, I will.  Keep coming back for more information.


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