Last of Us Review posted, Sony sacrificed the PS4 Camera for price cut and Bioshock Infinite DLC?!?!?

The Last of Us Review finished!

I have finally posted my review of Naughty Dog’s amazing post-pandemic adventure “The Last of Us” under the Reviews section of HiddenDefinition. I was so wrapped up in the multiplayer portion of the game that I nearly forgot that I finished the awesome single player campaign. Yes, it’s that good. Click on the link below to go directly to the review:

Sony canned the PS4 Camera pack-in to make the console cheaper

According to numerous reports, Sony removed the PS4 Camera that was originally supposed to be bundled with the console to achieve it’s $399 price point. Probably a good move, since many gamers and even more important, the casual gamer crowd will make their purchasing decision based upon the the price. While this could definitely impact the range of support from game developers for the PS4 Camera since it’s now an optional component for around $60, at least people won’t be forced to purchase an accessory they may never use. And if developers do come out with some cool software for it, then it certainly could become a hot commodity with PS4 owners.

Bioshock Infinite DLC to be announced this month

I give Irrational credit. Their have been a lot of impatient people waiting for the Bioshock expansion packs, but Irrational and Ken Levine always maintained that work on the DLC content never began until the game was finished, packaged and shipped. That’s the way it should be, too many developers are chopping out content from their already completed games and pawning it off as “new” DLC. A prime example of this was Metro: Last Light’sRanger Mode DLC“, essentially the hardest difficulty that was available in the original Metro game was cut from the sequel to sell as DLC. Seriously? The hardest difficulty that makes the game more fun to play because it imposes more survivalist tactics was excluded from it’s initial release to be sold as additional content? This is exactly how you DON’T do downloadable content. This pisses off gamers to no end, especially after laying down over $60 for a new release that has the hard difficulty mode cut from it just to sell it off as a DLC pack.

At least Irrational is taking their time to create something new for Infinite instead of just selling us the chopped out bits.


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