GameStop halts PS4 Launch-Day Preorders and 5 Under Appreciated Bargain Bin Games article now up under the new “Editorials” category

After being instructed by Sony to go hog-wild and accept unlimited number of pre-orders for the launch day bundle of the PlayStation 4, GameStop has ceased any more imminent pre-orders. In a quote made to Game Informer (a subsidiary of GameStop), the company made it quite clear they will no longer be accepting any further pre-orders:

“Due to high demand for the system, GameStop is not currently taking additional store reservations for the PlayStation 4”

It seems that this holiday season demand will once again heavily outweigh supply. I’m already fearing the eBay scalping and exorbitant price gauging. Personally, I have no intention to purchase a PS4 until after the initial hardware release madness sorts out. Besides, Sony has an excellent track record for supporting their previous gen consoles along side their new consoles (the PlayStation 2 received an abundance of first and third party support well into the first few troubled years of the PS3).

  Under Appreciated Bargain Bin Games article now available for reader consumption!

So I have created a new section for HiddenDefinition’s editorials, essays, critical analysis etc. where all my opinionated pieces, rants, raves and miscellaneous will be made available. This week, I examine 5 current-generation titles that received critical acclaim and some even became sleeper hits, but most never found a target audience. Check out this breakdown of cult classics that won’t leave a hole in your wallet by clicking on the following link:


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