New Page Added – Want to play some good ‘ol non-practical jokes or looking for info on interesting new movies? Check out my Culture/Misc Pages. Also, Sony confirms digital game sharing and reaffirms it’s commitment to small, indie-based game developers

Now if you were put in this situation constantly, wouldn't you want a little self-satisfaction via the means of a good, personal fuckover?

Now if you were put in this situation constantly, wouldn’t you want a little self-satisfaction via the means of a good, personal fuckover?

I have just added a new section to diversify my ever-expanding blog. The Culture, Movies and Misc page is dedicated to everything from what clothing I think is hideous, to playing jokes or fucking over your friends for personal gain or just good ‘ol fashioned revenge to information on the latest movie releases! Yes, my little blog is growing exponentionally and I’d like to thank everyone who comes back on a regular basis and especially those who follow my blog….all 6 of you 🙂 So, go check out my article under the shiny new Culture portion of my blog on great ways to fuckover enemies, frenemies and people you just generally don’t care for one damn bit. I even added a poll to the article to see where some of you stand on these issues of personal gratification at the expense of anothers misfortune (regardless if they deserved it or not). Here’s the poll:

Anywho, here’s the direct link to the Culture section of HD:

Sony basing importance on digital game sharing for the PS4 and every unit will ship with Sony’s PLAYROOM app

Sony has confirmed that your digitally downloaded games will not be contained and isolated to just your own PS4. You can go to a friends console, login in using your PSN ID and have instant access to your digital game collection. Talk about a great way to freely advertise content to gamers who may be on the fence about a particular title. And while this concept isn’t exactly revolutionary (you can currently login to your PSN account from another PS3 to access your digital game downloads, not quite the same thing as you would have to redownload and install the title to that persons particular PS3 and use up one of your licensee activations), it certainly sounds more convenient then the current trade of digital game “sharing”.

Also, even though the PS4 Eye camera was canned as a pack-in for the launch bundle of the PS4 to shave $100 off the price, Sony is still including it’s Playroom app to showcase the potential features of the PS4 cam. Although you would have to purchase the optional peripheral to enjoy the full gamut of features the Playroom software offers, it may sway early adopters into purchasing the cast-off camera if the Playroom offers some really cool features (and from what I’ve seen and heard, it does). I guess we will just all have to wait until launch day to really find out….*sigh* Here’s a tech demo video showing off the Playroom with PS4 camera in tow (video courtesy of Engadget):


4 responses to “New Page Added – Want to play some good ‘ol non-practical jokes or looking for info on interesting new movies? Check out my Culture/Misc Pages. Also, Sony confirms digital game sharing and reaffirms it’s commitment to small, indie-based game developers

  1. Hey Girl,
    I think it is an awesome idea to combine our forces for evil, I mean for our blogs. Yes, our blogs… any way I am going to add your blog to my blog list so hope some of my traffic will come over to your side as well. In regards to your question about games and such I shall do as a list:
    1) I own Xbox 360, PS3, PS1, and a game boy color (in purple)
    2) The console I use most right now is the 360
    3) I use to play a lot of PC games but I fell out of that when it got to be expensive always updating my hardware and software.
    4) I mostly play RPG, open world, fantasy type games. Lately I have gotten into games that just have a good story to it (like the Last of Us). I just want to be taken on a great ride and story when I play a game.
    5) Last but not least you should know that I am big, no, HUGE Mass Effect fan.

    Yeah so that is me, for ever changing and evolving gamer.

    • Yes I ❤ The Last of Us. Have you played any of the multiplayer bits yet? I've been getting heavily into that, we should party up in faction mode it's famously fun. Also, I'm a PS3 beta tester for the new MMO Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn which I'm going to be writing a extensive preview on soon (it's nice to actually have exclusive content for once). As RPG's go, LOVE the persona series, Valkyria Chronicles. As for ME, I own the trilogy but have only played through the 3rd. I have a Femshep with purple hair and I think I got into a bisexual relationship with the Normandy's communicator chick, she had a British accent; can't remember her name for the life of me though. That one game took a month of my life away but it was an awesome month.

      • I havnt played any mulitplayer yet for Last of Us but i keep hearing good things about it.
        I liked playing Valkyria Chronicles, I played it a long time ago but i need to pick it up again to complet it.

      • Well when you get around to the Multiplayer portion of TLoU let me know, then we can party up and kick some ass. As for getting the Mass Effect games, I plan on buying the complete trilogy because I kinda traded them in except for the 3rd. WOOPS, Yes I suck enormous fat sweaty man tits. Hopefully the trilogy contains all that awesome DLC they released for those games because I hate paying for that shit and spending the time to download it. Also, I plan on getting the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection which contains two blu-ray discs of Metal Gear games from like 1987 until now. It’s one of those games that is going to be incredibly rare in like 2-3 years and worth 3 times what I paid, so it’s worth the $50 investment. With digital downloads slowly replacing physical retail copies, I feel that they will become more and more invaluable and only appreciate in monetary value as time goes on (especially for this upcoming cycle of consoles). Have you noticed how used game shops are charging balls out absurd prices for old school PS1 games, PS2 games and to some extent even some GameCube games, amongst other consoles? Physical games are slowly becoming a commodity, and the rarer the release (typically RPG’s fetch a pretty penny – I own Xenogears, Parasite Eve 1 & 2, Threads of Fate for PS1) and better the game the more money it will be worth. I advise that if you have any older consoles and games with their manuals and inserts, hang onto them. They are now becoming the new hot collectibles, as comic books and baseball cards (YUCK) once were (well, some comic books are still very valuable but the comic collecting thing as a whole has diminished somewhat). Do you have Skype? I feel like we would have awesome conversations about the most menial of geek topics, if that appeals to you.

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