Exclusive PS3 digital title RAIN released for PSN, Added new Sci-Fi “Must See” Movies for 2013, Beyond: Two Souls “Special Edition” available as a pre order via GameStop AND “The Last of Us” Multiplayer DLC revealed- sort of

Let it RAIN, oh let it RAIN on PSN

RAIN has officially been released to above average reviews, and although it’s not the auteur masterpiece we were all expecting from Studio Japan, it’s a decent enough melancholy platformer that gives off no pretentious ideas about more than the sum of it’s parts. I have yet to play it, but for a downloadable title from PSN striking around $14.99, I will probably be purchasing it in the future. In case you forgot about this intriguing title, it features a boy and girl in an alternate world where it almost always rains and you must collaborate with the girl to survive the dog-like beasts. The game only lets you see the silhouettes of the characters as the rain pours on them or you walk through the puddles in the cobblestone streets. Here’s a video clip to refresh your memory (btw, I love the haunting soundtrack that gives each instrument an almost human like emotion):

New movie “HER” added to my must-see Sci-Fi Films of 2013

I have come across a sci-fi love story that only Spike Jonze could craft. The movie, titled “HER” casts Joaquin Phoenix as recluse, anti-social middle-aged man that adapts to a new Operating System on his computer, which surprise: Features human like qualities through it’s projected voice (played by Scarlett Johansson). Suri for the next generation, I suppose? The trailer eludes the character becoming conflicted from separating his feelings from the OS to the real world. I’m already interested….. ARE YOOOOU?

Here’s the trailer in all it’s 2 and half minute glory:

Beyond: Two Souls Special Collectors Edition with 30 minutes of additional gameplay and “making-of” videos plus the soundtrack

I am very much looking forward to this game, although many are dubbing it an “interactive movie” but it looks to be the last truly great (here’s hoping) PS3 exclusive we shall receive this year. With the PS4 on the horizon (IT’S LITERALLY LIKE ONE MONTH AWAY FROM LAUNCH) I doubt will see much more really triple A exclusive’s for my beloved PS3. Beyond has also caused somewhat of a stir in the European market, as the PEGI (think ESRB but for the UK) has censored 10-15 seconds of gameplay from the EU release so it could achieve a 16+ rating, while the game in the states maintains an MA 18+ rating. Sony has been mum on what exactly was censored, but it seems ridiculous to try and achieve a larger audience by cutting out what I can only assume are a 10-15 second scene of nudity or extreme, brutal violence. At least the PS3 is region free so you guys can import the NA version. If you pre-ordered the game via GameStop, you’ll receive a special “Collectors Edition” with tin case, soundtrack and some gameplay extras, amongst other things. Here’s a look at the special edition for Beyond, which hits NA markets Oct 8th:

Naughty Dog devs dish out details for the forthcoming multiplayer DLC, to be released on Oct. 16th via PSN and the single-player DLC coming December/January

“The Last of Us” creators have divulged some very interesting information regarding their latest upper echelon of a videogame. The first DLC pack will be the  Abandoned Territories map pack for multiplayer which includes the following new maps:

  1. Suburbs map
  2. Bus Depot map
  3. Hometown map
  4. Bookstore map

Unfortunately their are no new screens to associate with what the maps may appear as, however one of the map includes random dust storms making the multiplayer gameplay more dynamic for this particular map. Also, Naughty Dog has stated they are creating new concept art and the single-player DLC will be “ambitious” but will not apparently intersect with Joel and Ellie’s timeline. This single-player DLC will feature a completely new character, so it should be very interesting. Either way, I’m totally all over it when it releases this winter.


Sony has quietly released a new firmware update for the PS3. Version 4.50 features a huge radical change, renaming the PlayStation Network on the XMB to “PSN”, plus some mumbo-jumbo about switching off trophy displays for your friend list. Thanks Sony, that was really worth 15 minutes of my life last night.


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