About HD’s frequency of Reviews and what games and platform’s we review

From time to time, whenever I have the financial capacity to purchase a new game or borrow a game for my primary platform (Playstation 3) I will write an essay or critique about the title. I will analyze my purchase to let my fellow gamers know if the positives of the title make it worth the investment, or if it is just an irredeemable mess. I also have other consoles that I will review games for, mostly retro systems such as the PSOne, the original XBox, the PSP and the Sega Dreamcast (which I and will NEVER get rid of so people, STOP ASKING). I will post about recent reviews on the News page, or the home page of HiddenDefinition.

The Ratings Scale and what our obscure system means

When a game is reviewed, no matter for what platform new or old, the summation of the review and game is provided by a numerical-based rating system, going on a scale from 1 to 5. Obviously the higher the final score is out of 5, then the better the title. Here’s a quick breakdown of what each number ranking relates to:


This is essentially the no-mans land for gaming. Any title that is finalized with a rating of 1 out of 5 offers no redeemable value, not worth any of your hard-earned cash and is an unpolished buggy mess that should’ve never been released onto the public in the first place. Like the myth of landfills where all those unsold E.T. cartridges for the Atari 2600 wound up, any game with this rating should be buried and forgotten in the same landfill as well. This score represents a clear lesson in how NOT to make a videogame.


A 2 out of 5 still leaves a footprint that this game is in the dregs, but may offer some fun to those who are DIEHARD fans of the particular genre of game. It may still be unpolished and buggy, it may still suck fantastically, but people who adore the genre this game is in may be able to overlook the ratio of bad to good and have fun with the core elements of the game. Not recommended for anyone unless you are a particular fan or admirer of this games genre. For everyone else, stay about as far away as you would with a person that has lice, ticks, lime disease and any other disgusting filth contributed by lack of personal hygiene.


A 3 out of 5 represents mediocrity of gaming. A title bearing a final rating of 3 is not bad, but not great either. This game is probably fun to play, has decent graphics and maybe even had a few good, original ideas going for it but it just didn’t all come together cohesively. If you like the genre of the title, this would be worth a purchase on the cheap after it’s been out for awhile and had it’s price reduced, or as a rental from Game Fly, or even better yet just borrow the damn thing from a friend and play it for free. Again, fans of the genre of this game may find it worth investing in but will find not much innovation here OR perhaps the complete opposite: a game with the summation of 3 may abandon most conventional and contemporary gameplay elements of the genre in favor of pure innovation, but due to lack of execution it falls flat. Again, not a horrible game but certainly think long and hard before investing in a title with this score. A game with this score could be very fun as well, but will offer little to no replay value and may be extremely short, again making it a rental or borrow only.


A game that reaches the scale of 4 out of 5 almost get’s it right, but is held back by a few significant flaws whether they be graphical glitches or incoherent controls, peculiar level design, esoteric interfaces or tedious design. A game with a rank of 4 certainly is worth your attention and if a fan of the genre, then most certainly your wallet. Games in this rank often nail most of key elements to making a title successful;, the game is fun and unique and probably offers innovation in a category or two. Bottom Line:  These are games that you should definitely consider purchasing.


A title with the coveted rank of 5 out of 5 gets it right nearly perfectly (and I say “nearly” because I don’t believe any game is absolutely perfect) and hits the ground running in all major categories: concept, gameplay, story, design, sound/music and re-playability. A game of this caliber commands your attention and if you can only buy a few games a year, these are the titles you should purchase, Even if your not a fan of the genre, a game this good may turn you into a potential fan. While I try to reserve this score for the best of the best, with more and more games becoming better and better as this console cycle goes on because developers have had so much time to adapt to the H/W, these exceptional titles are becoming more mainstream, which is a good thing…. but not so great for our wallets!

Integrity, Objective Critical Analysis and so forth….

So that’s it for HiddenDefinition’s scoring and ranking system. I try to keep it simplistic so the casual to hardcore gamer can relate. I write all my reviews with an objective analysis, which is somewhat hard to do since I pay for my own games but it also means that I have much more time invested in the titles I purchase. I typically play a game from beginning to end without playing 3 or 4 other games in between because I like to stay focused on just the one game, so I can write a competent and informative as a review as possible. If you have comments or feedback on any of my reviews or articles or would like to do some freelance writing for HiddenDefinition, please contact me by following my blog or leaving a comment in the comments section. I always love to hear from my fellow readers and bloggers!


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