Editorials, Essays and Gamer Girls: Just a myth, or do they exist?

I have finally got around to working on my long overdue article about “Unappreciated Bargain Bin Games” for HiddenDefinition. Thanks to severe health problems and copious amounts of sedatives, narcotics and antibiotics I have been laid up for the past several days giving me time to work on all the articles, reviews and previews for HD. Of course, since this isn’t Kotaku, Destructoid or VentureBeat I have no deadlines and don’t get paid for my work so you know my opinionated pieces are going to be humble and contain the utmost of integrity.  Here, you will find my rants, raves, essays, theories, critical analysis and anything else that my mind conjures into coherent, written articles. Oh and yes, I know their are a fair share of gamer girls (in fact my ex was a huge 360 gamer and we used to play thru Gears of War together cooperatively- good times), I just added that little rhyme to the title to get some kind of response out of you gals so that I know you’re out there. Please don’t misconstrue my sarcasm for sexism!

Peace and Hair Grease,


Meet the Brother and Sister Duo behind HiddenDefinition

While I mainly contribute the majority of the content to HD, my sister (who is a dedicated PC and console gamer) will also be lending a hand by contributing her own articles on occasion. Anyways if you would like to contribute to HD by writing a review or have an opinionated piece that you just want to get off your mind please feel free to comment me and let me know. Of course I can’t pay you for your work, but the absurd amount of positive notoriety and optimistic feedback which you shall receive will more than make up for any kind of monetary value! Freelance writers feel free to contact me, and will give it a go! Just leave me a comment below.


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