Bioshock Infinite DLC: Clash in the Clouds released, Future Bioshock Infinite DLC Packs revealed and more new game purchases!

The Poster Art for the recently released DLC Pack for Bioshock Infinite: "Clash in the Clouds"

The Poster Art for the recently released DLC Pack for Bioshock Infinite: “Clash in the Clouds“. It is now available on multiple online storefronts at an MSRP of $4.99.

Bioshock Infinite: Clash in the Clouds DLC Pack released: details, trailer and info here now!

It’s been a looong time coming but Irrational Games was adamant in their stance that the DLC would be out by late July and was not just hacked off content from the initial release but fully developed new content AFTER the games release for us fervent BS:I fans. True to form, the first DLC pack for Infinite entitled “Clash in the Clouds” has been released via Steam, XBL and PSN. For those who purchased the Season Pass during the games launch, the content will be waiting for you to download free of charge in your respective platforms network. If you did not purchase the Season Pass, the MSRP is around $4.99 and the DLC pack weighs in around 1.4 GB (for the PSN version, I cannot confirm if it’s the same for other platforms). Here’s the details about what to expect via this expansion pack from a quote via Polygon: (SOURCE)

The DLC includes four new maps, each with fifteen encounters and challenges, broken up by a visit to an armory of sorts where players can select their weapon load-out or use cash earned to power up their Booker.

The game rewards cash, which is also the player’s score, based on kills, combos and meeting specific, increasingly difficult challenges.

The end result, Dowling said, is a experience that pushes players to flip through weapons and vigors, pulling in tears and jumping on and off the Skyline to survive.

The roughly five-hour experience also has leaderboards and a clutch of unlockable audio and video files, concept art and models that can be unlocked with cash.

Here’s the trailer revealing the bullet points of all the new additions and features to “Clash in the Clouds” DLC:

“Clash in the Clouds” is the complete opposite of what most Infinite fans were expecting. Instead of a narrative, story-driven based experience, “Clash in the Clouds” does a complete 180 by making the games combat the central focus. While certainly not a bad thing, I found the combat in Infinite to be monotonous and repetitive, with the few breaks in redundancy being Liz’s dialog, Songbird scares and Skyhook ventures. Thankfully, “Clash in the Clouds” appears to focus more on the varied combat in Infinite rather than the standard “enter the arena, kill all the baddies and move on” regimen that was prevalent throughout most of Booker and Liz’s adventure. The DLC will revolve around the increased difficulty featured in the “1999 Mode” that could only be unlocked upon completion of the game. It will also feature significant challenges with the wide array of Infinite’s exceptionally designed characters, emphasizing challenges around using the Skyrails, vigors and defeating certain enemies using different combat techniques. The DLC pack rewards you with further audio diaries, game developer videos and some concept art. The next DLC pack, however, definitely seeds back to the games roots of coupling Booker and Liz together in narrative, story-driven gameplay. Read on below for more information regarding the next DLC pack for Bioshock: Infinite….

The Poster Art for Bioshock Infinite's 2-part "Burial At Sea" Expansion Pack coming out soon at a MSRP of $14.99. Season Pass holders will obviously have instant access to the DLC pack via their respective platforms online storefronts.

The Poster Art for Bioshock Infinite’s 2-part “Burial At Sea” Expansion Pack coming out soon at a MSRP of $14.99. Season Pass holders will obviously have instant access to the DLC pack via their respective platforms online storefronts.

Bioshock Infinte: Burial at Sea is a two-part DLC pack that invites players on a return trip to Rapture before Andrew Ryan’s Utopian-like Sea-scape fell and crumbled under it’s own ambitions 

While we will have to wait for the more interesting expansion pack for Infinite, at least we now have details on what to expect.. “Burial at Sea” is a two-part tale of how the Columbia/Rapture parallel takes place and allows for you to explore the doomed underwater utopia as Booker DeWiit while it’s still a functional, beautiful city occupied by it’s faithful citizens before they go batshit crazy and turn into Splicers and Big Daddies. One of the most exciting concepts seems to be that you play as both Booker and Elizabeth, albeit a more grown-up adult version of Liz. Here’s the trailer courtesy of GameStop:

New game purchases and pre-orders to my already expansive and vast PlayStation 3 Collection of games

So during one of my last few posts I talked about the awesome PS3 exclusive “Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection” released on July 9th, which includes around 10 Metal Gear games from 1987 until 2012. For a price of $49.99, spanning content on TWO Blu-Ray discs and even including a very nice Metal Gear artwork book with the standard release, this collection is well worth the investment IF you can find it. My local GameStop sold out of MGS: Legacy Collection instantly and when they stocked more copies to be put on display for sale, those subsequently sold out just as fast. I eventually found my copy at Best Buy and picked it up immediately. I urge all Metal Gear and Hideo Kojima fans (the creater/writer of the Metal Gear franchise) to buy this game instantly if they find it, otherwise I guarantee it will sell before you have a chance to come back and get it. This is one of those rare titles that will be worth 2-3 times the original purchase price within 2 years because it had such a limited release.

For my birthday my best friend Jared also got me “Red Dead Redemption” GOTY Edition. I have seen this game being played by other friends of mine and know of its multiple accolades so it’s a worthy addition to my PS3 collection. And when Jared saw that this version included a “Zombie Mode”, he couldn’t resist. Thanks Jared! You and Mike are truly my BESTiES 4 LYFE luLzZzZ (<3333’s at retarded internet sentiments and acronyms).

For my Birfday, my best friend Jared purchased the GOTY Edition of Red Dead Redemption. Thanks goes to Jared for being an awesome friend and to Mike for being a great videogaming buddy! Look for a full review on HiddenDefinition of "Red Dead Redemption" soon.

For my Birfday, my best friend Jared purchased the GOTY Edition of Red Dead Redemption. Thanks goes to Jared for being an awesome friend and to Mike for being a great videogaming buddy! Look for a full review on HiddenDefinition of “Red Dead Redemption” soon.


Indie Game: The Movie worth your time, Ellen Page feels her likeness was to close for comfort in TLoU and GameStop may be taking unlimited preorders for the PS4


Looking for a new perspective on gaming? Check out Indie Game: The Movie. The documentary follows three independent game developers as they try to meet ridiculous deadlines, contend with legal battles, face community backlash and more. Well worth the miniscule $10.00 investment for a rare, voyeuristic look into game development.

Documentaries about video gaming are few and far between, but documentaries about game development are near non-existent. Enter Indie Game: The Movie, released last May to critical acclaim, follows 3 independent developers all in different stages of production for their respective titles. Jonathon Blow of platformer fame ” Braid” already had his title finished by the time filming began and offers an interesting retrospective on the creative process from beginning to end. Also featured is Phil Fish who went on to create the indie hit “Fez“, and we watch almost intently as a voyeur while he nervously sweats out trying to battle constant glitches at an important gaming convention and the fallout from legal issues after his development partner split. Last but not least we see Team Meat’s Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes in crunch mode trying to push out their companies debut “Super Meat Boy”. The duo makes their confessions vocal about their discontent towards Microsoft for constantly shuffling their titles release which in turn forces them to work 20-hour days and live in pure chaos with little to no sleep. Who said making video games couldn’t be a dramatic experience? The movie is produced and directed by Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky and can be purchased from the following link (I believe the doc is also available for streaming on Netflix and most other Video-On-Demand services):

Second Skin movie poster

Second Skind [2008] jumps head first into the underbelly of becoming a gamer fully immersed into games on such a massive scale that it becomes difficult to separate the person from the game.

Also, if you are more into the MMORPG side of gaming such as World of Warcraft then I highly recommend 2008’s Second Skin. Another documentary about gaming in general, this film demonstrates how such massive games can change human social archetypes and how the game can slowly become your life. I’m sure you can find it online for sale with a little fervent googling


A true, but somewhat disturbing statistic presented during the documentary Second Skin. It’s definitely easier to tell a stranger who we have no physical or real attachment to our deepest secrets then our best friends in real life.

Ellen Page was asked on a Reddit AMA about Naughty Dog’s “The Last of Us” regarding the similarities of herself compared to the main character “Ellie” in the game, to which she responded.

“I guess I should be flattered that they ripped off my likeness, but I am actually acting in a video game called Beyond: Two Souls, so it was not appreciated.”

Page, who reportedly hasn’t played a video game since Crash Bandicoot (go figure, a Naughty Dog title) for the PlayStation until the start of her involvement with Quantic Dream and creating Beyond: Two Souls. I always thought she would be more of a gamer, but I guess that’s just me creating a personality for someone I have no real connection to out of thin air. I think someone forgot to tell Ellen that Naughty Dog has been working on TLoU for YEARS and any likeness between the two is purely coincidence. The character of Ellie is voiced by actress Ashley Johnson. Page is a good actress but man, this was literally just a silly case of mistaken identity. Naughty Dog created the character of Ellie as a 14 year old girl and Page is in her 20’s, so I doubt that they actively pursued her likeness for this game.

Source:  Huffington Post UK

According to multiple sources, Sony is encouraging retailer GameStop to take an unlimited amount of pre-orders for it’s upcoming next-gen console, the PlayStation 4. When I was at my local GameStop during the week of E3, they had literally used up all of their allotted slots for PS4 pre-orders and to reserve a console come launch day it cost $100. I’ll have to pop back in to my local store to see if there is any validity to this story, but if it’s true Sony has some pretty big balls if they believe they can fill the demand come launch day, and I sincerely hope they can. Nothing sucks worse then having the money to buy the latest and greatest but it’s completely out of stock everywhere. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if for once during a console launch, the supply actually FIT the demand (the GameCube and PS3 launches obviously don’t count) ? One can dream, oh one can dream…