New trailer for InFamous: Second Son that makes me want to wet myself and PS4 indie game Rime sends shivers down me spine

The PlayStation 4 launch is a mere 3 months away, however the new inFamous game, Second Son won’t be available until sometime along in 2014. I’ve never had much interest in the Infamous series of games, but the depth of story and characters in this sequel are definitely changing my mind. At Gamescomm, Sony showed off a new trailer for Sucker Punch’s latest installment to the series that offers more of a brief glimpse between Delsin and interaction between other characters in the games setting of Seattle. Check out the Fetch trailer below:

Another game that caught my attention was the independent-based PS4 title “Rime“, which brings back memories of exploring sandy vistas in the hit PS3 indie release “Journey” and shows gameplay akin to “Legend of Zelda” or something out of a Team Ico game. Oh yeah, by the way, WHERE THE HELL IS THE LAST GUARDIAN? Studio Japan and Team Ico have kept mum on any news regarding their latest masterpiece, with a little trickle every now and then coming out just to remind us that the game is “still in earnest development” (Team Ico’s words, not mine). Anyways, enough of my ranting. Here’s the trailer for “Rime”: