If a gang of anthropomorphic mutated turtles can master Kung-Fu on behalf of an overgrown, wise rat to overcome absurd odds then I can battle my sloth and procrastination to return this blog to it’s former glory.


First things first…. THE GOOD NEWS:

OK, so clearly I’m not dead. This blog, still a great source of pride and freedom of looney tunes rants for me, has seen it’s share of high’s and lows. I went through a period of dark times, but now am emerging physically healthier with clarity and ambition that I have not experienced since trying to find two girls to coerce into an orgy. Starting soon, me and a dear dear dear dear friend who is much cooler then you (deal with it) and whose name will not be disclosed will begin our own Podcast via this website. Talking points will be as follows:

  1. Our own personal thoughts/experiences in terms of life and day-to-day situations
  2. Gaming news/previews and reviews
  3. Exploring PC and PC gaming modification IE: Halo map and model editing, Crysis, Unity Engine programming, Quake mapping and QuakeC etc
  4. Marijuana reform state to state and the current trend of federal drug reform, with opinions on the ground via Colorado, NY and California
  5. Console gaming and the hastening of indie game popularity and digital game purchases and downloads a la STEAM/PSN
  6. Pirate Radio
  7. General news and current events etc.
  8. Talk and discussion of pop culture, movies (new and old) with recommendations of films you may want to watch
  9. Offer up helpful PC/MAC/Linux technical advice

That’s the synopsis of what to expect. Keep comin’ back to HiddenDefinition for air dates and more information when we inch closer to the broadcast. If you like this website, you will probably enjoy what we will be serving up on air. Here’s some other information/news that could be filed under awesome:


Steins;Gate has been released in the West by publisher JAST USA to critical acclaim


Released this spring in both digital and physical editions by JAST USA, S;G is a deeply original time-paradox story that focuses it's narrative on how to save the people you love after realizing the damaging effects of time travel

Released this spring in both digital and physical editions by JAST USA, S;G is a deeply original time-paradox story that focuses it’s narrative on how to save the people you love after realizing the damaging effects of time travel


Using a series of text messages, a group of young people learn they can affect the outcome of the past and future by sending their messages back to a pre-ordained time period. The visual novel has garnered critical acclaim in both the east and west. You can order the digital download or the physical limited edition via JAST USA’s website at: http://jastusa.com/blog/2014/04/02/steinsgate-is-available-now/


Summer Sci-Fi Thriller “Edge of Tomorrow” opens in theaters June 6th


The cover to Japanese manga "All You Need is Kill" to which "Edge of Tomorrow" is adapted from.

The cover to Japanese manga “All You Need is Kill” to which “Edge of Tomorrow” is adapted from.

The new “smart” sci-fi vehicle for Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt (sooooo hawt) opens this Friday and cinemas nationwide. Based on the Japanese manga “All You Need is Kill” by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, it features a working stiff (Cruise’s character) thrust into warfare against alien organisms hellbent on world destruction. With no knowledge of combat or the advanced weaponry strapped to his body, the soldier quickly dies only to reawaken hours before deployment in a “Groundhog-Day from hell” scenario. The soldier repeatedly dies in as many horrifying ways as the directors, CGI-artists and producers could think of which is sure to entertain. It’s not until he meets a woman soldier (Emily Blunt) who is experiencing the same phenomenon of a perpetually repeating day that they band together and use these endless death-defying reboots to their advantage to gain every tactical and intellectual advantage against their assailants from the stars. So far, early reviews have pinned this as the first must see science fiction blockbuster of the summer so I myself am I eager to check it out and knowing the source material makes it even more enticing. Watch the latest trailer below:



The Last of Us “Remastered Edition” hits PlayStation 4 in August and what to expect from Sony at E3


The Last of Us REMASTERED contains super-duper AA along with much improved resolution, HD textures and a further draw distance among many other improved features

The Last of Us REMASTERED contains super-duper AA along with much improved resolution, HD textures and a further draw distance among many other sweet ass sweet features

So we all know that the PlayStation 4 is closing in or surpassed 8 million units sold by now. This is a big deal, because the Wii U has been out for over two years and has sold approximately just around 9 million units while the PS4 has been around for 6-8 months and smashed those figures to bits. Microsoft is being coy about what their system sales figures are, which is a good indicator that they haven’t come close to Sony’s figures. To stay competitive, they will need to consistently stay focused, especially with GameStop lowering the price of Xbox One bundles below $499. Microsoft has also not ruled out the possibility of shipping X1 units without their super-awesome stupid, dope with the fat ass rhymes Kinect 2.0. Kinect has clearly become so intricate to daily use of the X1 people surely won’t be able to survive without using the voice recognition to turn the X1 on/off and access Netflix while sitting on their toilet shouting commands across the room over their own flatulence. The only kink in the Sony plan for console domination is their lack of exclusive 1st-party games which has been synonymous with the PlayStation platform(s). We should get a nice taste at this years E3 which starts June 10th and goes to June 12, 2014. Sony typically has their presentation on the last day of festivities and here’s hoping they unveil some new first party games and maybe even a couple new IP’s. So far, we only know of The Order: 1886, DriveClub and a new Uncharted game for the PS4, with only DriveClub set to release this year (Oct. 7th). Which means there are several Sony-owned studios that have been lurking idly by in the shadows with no mention of their current projects. Media Molecule, Sony Bend, Studio Japan, Quantic Dream, Guerrilla Games, Team ICO, thatgamecompany, Insomniac Games (if they still have any exclusivity agreements for Ratchet and Clank or the Resistance franchises) etc. Back to Naughty Dog: To tide people over until the next big first-party release (Suckerpunch Studios just released Infamous: Second Son to mostly positive praise), Sony made what I deem a rather smart business move and had Naughty Dog do an in-house port of possibly the best last-gen exclusive for PS3 with updated graphics and all DLC included. Dubbed “The Last of Us: Remastered” edition, PS4 owners will finally get a chance to experience firsthand what us PS3 owners have been losing chunks of our free time over for the past year. This is a good move for both Sony and PS4 owners; it’s a first-party exclusive that anyone who owns a PS4 should get to play and Sony has 8 million units sitting in gamer’s homes with not much in the way of exclusive content. This summer, that all looks to change and it can’t come soon enough. These two console generation have been the most bizarre transition in my history of being a gamer. If you think so too or have something to add about how it sucks that developers seem stuck on continually developing for the lowest common denominator and then “pretty port” their game to current-gen, let us know on twitter at #weirdestconsoletransitionever


WatchDogs, Dark Souls II, Transistor and the PS3 is far from dead thanks to 3rd-party exclusives


Released for every conceivable platform (yes, even you Wii U) but so far has outsold on the PS4 and looks damn damn nice

WatchDogs, released for every conceivable platform (yes, even you Wii U) but so far has outsold on the PS4 and looks damn damn nice


The open-world sandbox hacking and 3rd person shooter, “WatchDogs” released by UbiSoft, where the world you live in can become your means of offense and defense has been selling like hotcakes. Originally scheduled to be released last year along with the new crop of consoles but delayed (obviously for the better), it has been that game everyone keeps talking about and saying how cool it is they hacked into a main streets defensive grid to cease the ingress of police cars chasing you down or how awesome it was they invaded another persons game and captured them for a bounty. The single player campaign is worth the price of admission alone, but the robust multiplayer mode makes WatchDogs absurdly fun. So far, the PS4 has been the de facto platform to experience WatchDogs on however if you own a beefy PC and can deal with the reportedly inconsistent online play, you can make it look reaaal purdy on a high-end computer if you don’t mind the dogged multiplayer for the PC.

Another new release just for the PS4 and PC that was developed by famed Bastion devs Supergiant Games comes “Transistor“.  A sidescrolling/isometric based action-RPG hybrid with a very deep fighting and action system featuring a pleasantly surprising original narrative with a whole city to explore and it’s denizens to talk to. The game plays great, looks great, sounds great (the soundtrack is supposed to be BADASS) and features the sassy, back-talking titular character “Transistor” sword that your character uses as her primary weapon which you acquire in the first act of the campaign. Check out the Launch trailer below:



Some of the biggest releases so far this year have been cross-gen or avoiding the whole generational gap to begin with, ie: Dark Souls II which was not released for X1/PS4. Those who know the “Souls” series will know of it’s punishing yet genuinely rewarding difficulty. Oldschool gamers will be reminded of the great sense of accomplishment after defeating a difficult foe or acquiring that uniquely obscure weapon/item in Dark Souls II. Although it’s a PS3/360/PC game, it still looks beautiful (especially the deadly but huge bosses you’ll encounter) and watching the sun ripple off the ocean in certain areas is breathtaking… not bad for being jacked into the restraints of 8 year-old consoles. The controls have been made much more intuitive and flow from battle to maneuvering much more flawlessly than it’s predecessors. DSII is also easier to get started with, with less emphasis on the minutia of character customization and allowing the player to jump right into selecting your character class and traits. Another great feature missing from prior iterations: Being able to save MUCH more frequently. In a game where turning your character to fast can spin him/her off a cliff to an untimely death at a crucial point during gameplay, the added frequent save points adds much needed balance to a game where death is literally at every corner and turn. Already receiving some nods as a potential Game of the Year, Dark Souls II is the quintessential difficult oldschool hack-n-slash where patience, skill, exploration and learning your enemies weaknesses without obvious bright colors lighting up the weak spots or NPC’s shouting where to shoot, making DSII a rare breed of game in today’s flooded market of FPS military twitch shooters, 3rd-person sci-fi action “horror” and traditional turn-based RPGs.


Released in March of 2014 by Namco-Bandai, Dark Souls II is the amalgamation of everything that has made the two previous entries awesome. All three games developed by From Software.

Released in March of 2014 by Namco-Bandai, Dark Souls II is the amalgamation of everything that has made the two previous entries awesome. All three games developed by From Software.


Other games that have been released exclusively for the PS3 since the beginning of 2014:

  • Drakengard 3 from Square Enix
  • Deception IV: Blood Ties from Tecmo Koei
  • Tales of Symphonia Chronicles from Namco Bandai
  • Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky from GUST
  • Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster from Square Enix
  • The Witch and the Hundred Knight from NIS America

Coming soon is Namco’s Tales of Xillia 2, one year after the first installment came to the West. The JRPG is slated to hit stores August 19th and if it’s as good as the first Xillia, I will be sure to pre-order the Collectors Edition which is currently going for $130. Included in the CE version are ” a figure of one of the new main characters, Ludger Kresnik, a replica pocket watch (it doesn’t run), a cat key chain, a CD of selected tracks, an art book, and alternative costume DLC of characters from past Tales game” (quote taken directly from DESTRUCTOID at http://www.destructoid.com/tales-of-xillia-2-coming-west-this-august-collector-s-edition-detailed-273589.phtml). If you are curious as to what this all amounts to here is a picture to give your brain visual stimulation:


Tales of Xillia 2 Collectors Edition includes everything pictured above. All you need is $130 and patience since the game doesn't drop until August 19th, or something.

Tales of Xillia 2 Collectors Edition includes everything pictured above. All you need is $130 and patience since the game doesn’t drop until August 19th, or something.


New system updates for PlayStation 4 that add new features and “system stability”

Latest OS update for PS4 is version  1.71 which is a cumulative update, picture above taken from the US Playstation Blog

Latest OS update for PS4 is version 1.71 which is a cumulative update, picture above taken from the US Playstation Blog


If you’re waiting for Sony’s engineering gurus to come around and add MP3/CD Audio/Video file or DLNA support to the PS4, be prepared to wait a little longer. While the new update(s) adds some much ballyhooed features,  basic functionality such as DivX, MP3 playback and UI customization are still inauspiciously MIA. New to version 1.70-1.71 are the ShareFactory video editor, new settings to dim the lightbar on the Dualshock 4 and now the capability to enable or disable HDCP (huge win for those of us who hate DRM). Those are some of the major improvements, for a complete list click on the following link for the official US Playstation Blog:



And don’t forget to check out HiddenDefinition’s Sci-Fi and Fantasy Film preview for 2014

A month or two back I completed a rather comprehensive guide for science-fiction, fantasy and action/fantasy films that are scheduled to be released or have already released this year. It needs a little TLC, but it’s still pretty accurate plus it includes full synopsis and a few crass, sarcastic remarks about most of the movies premises from yours truly. If you are looking for what to expect out of 2014 for movies, look no further then HD’s Action, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Film Preview. Check it out at here: https://hiddendefinition.wordpress.com/culture-movies-and-everything-else/sci-fi-movies-to-watch-out-for-in-2014/


And now …. THE BAD NEWS:



It hasn’t been all blue skies and sunshine. While there has been a lot of good things happening (see above, captain obvious) there has also been turmoil at the usually insulated Sony first party studios. Naughty Dog had some kind of falling out with Head Writer for the Uncharted series Amy Hennig, as well as losing a few other key members that were imperative in the creation of Uncharted and The Last of Us. Evolution Studios, responsible for the oft-delayed first-party PS4 exclusive Drive Club has also lost it’s Director and Sony Santa Monica had an unknown project in development cancelled. Also, while this occurred several months a go, Studio Liverpool, responsible for the awesome sci-fi racer WipeOut had it’s doors shut by Sony. While game studios putting up the “out of business” sign is nothing new, the frequency at which Sony is cleaning house and the questionable nature of these high-profile departures has left me wondering what the hell is going on within these AAA developers.


Irrational Studios closes it’s doors for Good. Director Ken Levine desires to focus on independent, more narrative-driven digital games


Boston developer Irrational Games has shuttered it's doors for good on the heels of Bioshock Infinite's final DLC release "Burial at Sea Pt II"

Boston developer Irrational Games has shuttered it’s doors for good on the heels of Bioshock Infinite’s final DLC release “Burial at Sea Pt II”


Probably one of the most gut-wrenching studio closings in quite some time, Founder and Director Ken Levine has decided to shut down Irrational Games located in Boston, MA. Not for lack of creative ideas or studio funding, this decision was made completely at the behest of Levine and a few other key members. In a official statement made available to the press, Levine says:

“To meet the challenge ahead, I need to refocus my energy on a smaller team with a flatter structure and a more direct relationship with gamers. In many ways, it will be a return to how we started: A small team making games for the core gaming audience”

Since publisher Take-Two and 2K Studios actually own the Bioshock franchise, this certainly does not mean we won’t see anymore Bioshock games, they just won’t be developed by the founding studio Irrational. The last official release by Irrational was the DLC for Bioshock Infinite “Burial at Sea Pt. II“, which received much due adulation for allowing players to play as protagonist Elizabeth and use her tear abilities to take on a more stealth-like approach to rediscovering Rapture. R.I.P. Irrational, you will truly be missed.



PlayStation Now Unveiled at CES, PS4 Firmware Update v1.60 released, Native PlayStation 1+2 Emulation rumors swirling admist new PS4 firmware updates, “The Last of Us” Single-Player DLC “Left Behind” officially gone gold and oodles of schmoodles info on new game releases [UPDATED 2/15/2014]

PlayStation Now officially unveiled at CES 2014, coming to your local PlayStation H/W in Summer of 2014


PlayStation Now Gaikai-based streaming service being revealed at CES 2014

PlayStation Now Gaikai-based streaming service being revealed at Sony’s keynote address during CES 2014


Sony promised PS3 backwards compatibility for the PS4 via it’s cloud based-streaming service, Gaikai (acquired by Sony in 2012 for a cool $380 million) and it appears to be finally taking shape. Announced on January 7th at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, Sony demoed the “PlayStation Now” internet-streaming service on a variety of Sony hardware (which in the future may negate the need for proprietary hardware, ie the PlayStation 4 console, to enjoy and play Sony exclusive titles). Amongst the veritable goldmine of broad Sony exclusives shown running on PlayStation Now, CES goers were treated to streaming versions of 1st-party hits such as “The Last of Us“, “Puppeteer“, “God of War: Ascension” and “Beyond: Two Souls“; all graphically-intense titles that have been released over the past year and a half. The games were playable on PlayStation Vita’s and more interestingly, 2014 Bravia TV’s, and a select few smartphones/tablets using just a DualShock 3 Controller and a connection to the PlayStation Now service. Sony has stated that the service will allow it’s subscribers (yes, it is a paid-for service although at this point I don’t know if it’s part of the PS Plus subscription package or a separate entity) to play PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 classics along with strong support of Sony’s PS3 exclusives. This could be a boon for Sony, as they have an absurdly deep back catalog for both the PS1 and PS2 (the latter selling over 150 million units worldwide making it the best selling console ever) allowing the Sony faithful and even more imperative, gamers new to the extensive retro titles of the PS One and PS2, to enjoy hard-to-find titles that until now, were confined and orphaned on physical disc to specialty game shops. I’ve always been one to enjoy the tangible vs. the digitally intangible software but with classic and hard to find PS1/2 game prices skyrocketing, even I admit this is a fantastic alternative to play all my old Sony favorites akin to Nintendo’s Virtual Console on the Wii and Wii U (WipeOut XL, Crash Bandicoot, Final Fantasy 7/8/Tactics, Tactics Ogre, Clock Tower, Einhander, Elemental Gearbolt, Shadow Tower, Kings Field I/II, Silent Hill, Megan Man Legends, Suikoden, Xenogears, RayStorm, Resident Evil 1/2/3 etc etc.)

PlayStation Now has begun closed-beta testing as of Jan 28th, and the service is expected to expand across several western and eastern markets as soon as the second and third quarter of 2014, with a full roll out to be completed by end of the year. For optimal performance with minimal gameplay and visual sacrifice, Sony recommends that you are using an wired internet connection with at least 5 MBps or more when gaming on PlayStation Now. A YouTube video was released just recently that showed a complete demonstration of PlayStation Now’s UI and streaming potential while the person played Killzone 3, unfortunately the video has since been taken down due to “copyright violations” by SCEA. The leaked video shows that PS Now is booted from the PSN tab on the XMB, then opens a new app resembling the PlayStation Store to begin the streaming service. Sony also says that in the near future, PlayStation 4 titles are in the works to be streamed across the service. This is certainly a great way for Sony to expand the PlayStation brand for consumers who may not be interested in dropping $300-$400 on new hardware and tap into the lucrative “casual gamer” market that the Wii captured back in 2007 and lost to the current trend of smartphones and tablets. If Sony can reclaim that audience, it certainly could be a dominating force in the casual gaming and console market. To watch the CES preview of the PlayStation Now service, watch the video below to catch a glimpse of the UI and the potential of the PS3 streaming service (video courtesy of Quentyn Kennemer via http://phandroid.com/2014/01/14/sony-playstation-now-demo/):


PlayStation 4 gets fancy-schmancy new update, version 1.60 which offers much-needed improved headset support amongst other stability fixes and enhancements

The new official Sony "Pulse" Gold headset works on the PS4 and supports 7.1 virtual surround sound - SWEET ASS SWEET!

The new official Sony “Pulse” Gold headset works on the PS4 and supports 7.1 virtual surround sound – SWEET ASS SWEET!


As of Feb 4th, Sony has officially released v1.60 firmware update for the PlayStation 4. One of the PS4’s many new improvements is that it automatically connects to Sony’s servers, then downloads and installs the update in the background while the system is in standby mode. Or you can do it the old fashioned the way and download the firmware update from Sony’s official website to a USB Flash drive and do a local installation. Reportedly, the update weighs in around 300 MB. Here are a list of the new features, fixes and improvements:

  1. Wireless stereo headsets (CECHYA-0080 / CECHYA-0083 / CECHYA-0086) and a stereo headset (CECHYA-0088) are now supported.
  2. You can now mute the microphone for PlayStation®Camera.

Also included in this update are general stability fixes. But the added support for Sony’s premium headsets is a definitive BONUS! For more information or to download the firmware update and install it to your PS4, head over to Sony’s official PlayStation Support Page at http://us.playstation.com/support/systemupdates/ps4/index.htm.

Native PS2 and PS1 Emulation rumored to be coming to PlayStation 4 via future firmware update



Sony reigned supreme with the release of the PS2. Selling over 150 consoles worldwide, the PlayStation 2 dominated the 6th generation of gaming systems.

Sony reigned supreme with the release of the PS2. Selling over 150 consoles worldwide, the PlayStation 2 dominated the 6th generation of gaming systems.

Yeah so this is a big deal to me and anyone else who grew up during the 80’s and 90’s, with their ‘rents buying us NES’s or SEGA Genesis’s. We are the first group of gamers to grow older as each iterative console cycle manifested, and therefore we are the first to see the myriad of gaming systems released over the past 25+ years. As such, I feel some kind of ownership towards the current and past gaming ecosystems, with every new generation establishing a solid hierarchy.  In the case of PlayStation, I remember trading my SNES and my 40+ games into EB Games (before GameStop took over EVERYTHING) just to acquire a brand new PlayStation One with Destruction Derby, Resident Evil, Warhawk and WipeOut (franchises that are still prominent today). So the fact that Sony is now rumored to be working on a future update for the PS4 that will allow for native PS1 and PS2 backwards compatibility truly means a great deal to me. If this does come to fruition, it would make the PlayStation 4 the ultimate console in Sony hardware and amongst it’s contemporaries, being able to play PS One, PS2 and thanks to PlayStation Now, PS3 games.

A console that is fully backwards compatible would be an amazing feat, as it seems that most (not all) console manufacturers have remained adamant that deterrent factors such as cost or incompatible hardware is the reason for non-compliance. But with such a ridiculous back catalog of games for both the PS1 and PS2, it would seem almost absurd and shameful that Sony would not take advantage of such a opportunity via emulation if their current PS4 H/W allows it (and it seems more then powerful enough to do so). I still have a small library of PS One games, most of them rarities that I’ve managed to hold onto over the years because well…. their just not that easy to find anymore and aren’t available digitally via PSN yet. Sony has everything to gain and nothing to lose by providing PS One/PS2 emulation natively (whether it be via original disc or download; hopefully we get BOTH) since their are still sooo many titles that have yet to been repackaged from both the PS One and PS2 era. PS4 Backwards-compatible emulation would also allow HD upscaling in a less arbitrary nature that was implemented for the PlayStation 3, presenting an aesthetically pleasing experience while maintaining that great classic gameplay we’ve all come to expect from Sony’s top tier exclusives from the bygone console eras. While all this is just pure speculation, Digital Foundry did have a very interesting and competent report on what could be via future firmware updates regarding PS1/PS2 software emulation.

Hopefully, like the early models of the PS3 that Sony manufactured that actually contained the original PlayStation 2 hardware under the hood, Sony will allow playback of physical discs that people already have in their PS One and PS2 collections. And while Sony eventually removed the PS2 backwards compatibility from those earlier models since each PS3 unit was selling at a tremendous loss, it in fact probably saved the PlayStation brand that is now beginning to thrive again today. Sony has advocated a good amount of pro-consumer idealism thanks to their E3 presentation by simply branding the PlayStation 4 as a true gamers console- no extra fanfare, no forced flagrant takeover of your TV set and unwarranted motion-tracking; Sony was pitching the PS4 as a fundamental gamers machine, not an extravagant all-in-one box that was designed to be the centerpiece of your living room. And while some may prefer the latter, core gamers care about one thing and one thing only: how well does the machine play games and will it provide the gaming experience that a Sony console should offer? The answer is a resounding yes, as the PS4 has already sold well over 4 million units in just a short span of 3 months. It’s clear that Sony is focusing it’s efforts to attract the legions of ardent Sony fans while reaching for a larger audience. In short, Sony knows it’s user base and if these backward compatibility rumors prove true, is doing everything it can to retain previous PlayStation users and attract new gamers that want to do want a console does best: play videogames.


PlayStation emulators have been commonplace on PC's for years, but Sony *MAY BE* taking a page out of these software emulators to run PS1 and PS2 titles natively on the PS4. ePSXe is one of the more popular PS emulators for the computer.

PlayStation emulators have been commonplace on PC’s for years, but Sony *MAY BE* taking a page out of these software emulators to run PS1 and PS2 titles natively on the PS4. ePSXe is one of the more popular PS emulators for the computer.

While PS3 compatibility will be relegated to Sony’s cloud-based streaming service PlayStation Now, previous generations of Sony H/w (PS1 and PS2 respectively) will be played via software emulation on the PlayStation 4. Even more interesting is that games played via emulation could contain HD upscaling and higher resolutions, something that is already possible on a mid-end PC running a PlayStation emulator such as ePSXe which can significantly alter the graphical fidelity of older PlayStation 1 and 2 titles. Using software emulation on the PS4, Sony may be implementing native HD resolutions instead of the blurry, artifact filled upscaled resolutions that the PlayStation 3 used when it runs PS One software or PS2 games (on earlier “fat” models of the PS3 that contained PS2 emulation via direct hardware or through software on later fat models). Again, while this is all speculation and rumors at this time, I sincerely hope Sony is hard at work on this project.


The Last of Us single-player DLC “Left Behind” released, download it now via the PlayStation Network Store


Ellie and her BFF Riley's story is told through this 3 hour campaign about how it sucks being a mischievous teenager in a post-pandemic North America.

Ellie and her BFF Riley’s story is told through this 3 hour DLC campaign about how it sucks being a mischievous teenager in a post-pandemic North America.


Probably the most anticipated downloadable content aside from Bioshock Infinte’s “Burial at Sea”, The Last of Us jas dished out a mini-prequel of sorts establishing Ellie’s backstory before she met crazy-like-a-fox Joel. The DLC chapter, entitled “Left Behind”, has been in development for quite some time and was officially released on the loneliest day of the year for fat, unkempty gamer-nerds the world over; AKA: Valentines DayPerhaps there was some amorous intent for releasing the 2-3 hour campaign on V-Day, reminding all of us dateless wonders that we still do have something to live for outside the mystique of the opposite gender. That our empathy can be redirected towards Ellie after enduring the grueling and abhorrent cross-country cordecyps road trip with her paternal ward, Joel. After all, The Last of Us intricately wove one of the most well-defined and tragic survivalist tales to grace the console market in a long, long time. True to form, instead of focusing on new gameplay elements, more updates/weapons and new skill-trees, Left Behind takes the player on Ellie’s own journey beginning with her time orphaned at a military-style school. Left Behind introduces a new character that was only mentioned briefly in passing during the main campaign: Ellie’s best friend Riley. If you played through the main campaign and enjoyed it, you would be a silly, inbred smelly fool not to purchase and playthru Left Behind. Now available via the PlayStation Store on PSN  for $15 or through the TLoU Season Pass (or eventually via the yet-to-be-announced retail GOTY edition on disc; wait and see I’m sure it will be hitting store shelves by the end of the year like every bestselling PS3 exclusive). To watch the Left Behind trailer, play the video below:

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One officially here, The Last of Us Single-Player DLC Announced, Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea DLC pt. 1 released and ex-Game Informer Editor Meagan Marie makes a good impression as a Cosplayer

Check out my PlayStation 4 Launch Experience with “PS4: Gamer on the Ground” Article

Unless you live under a sand dune on Mars or you have that Helen Keller disease, you probably are aware that Sony and Microsoft have both launched their next-gen consoles on Nov 15th (PS4) and Nov 22nd (Xbox One), respectively. Being a gamer requires that you also understand the finer things in life, like how to talk away that mustard stain on your hoodie as canvas paint or know how to camp out and prepare yourself for a midnight system launch. It’s been nearly seven years for Sony and over eight years for Microsoft, so to say these console launches aren’t as exciting as before is underwhelming. Attending the midnight launch of the PlayStation 4 at my local GameStop, there was so much excitement people could hardly contain themselves as we discussed past launches, the games we loved and why I was the only person at the launch who wasn’t actually buying a system (the latter fact is irrelevant guys, BECAUSE I SAY SO). I tried innumerably to convince my fellow gamers to all pool in their funds and buy me a console, but my desperation only compounded matters for the worse and did me no favorable service. My associate who worked at GameStop told me that I had ZERO chance to obtain a unit without first pre-ordering months a go, so I cried and screamed and begged like a child having a temper tantrum, only to be forcefully removed from the premises. “Act your age” everyone said…. “Nobody wants to see a big, fat almost-30 year old man child writhing on the floor in tears” they said… WELL SCREW YOU GUYS!  OK, so maybe I embellished some of the above statements, and I didn’t actually get kicked out… I left of my own accord with dignity. I did return however with a bag full of chocolate because everyone knows gamers can’t resist big bags of snacks…. and was thus welcomed back to the launch party swiftly. “Chocolates for all” I declared! So as the night went on I snapped a few photos when I could and returned during the evening to my local Best Buy with my entourage in tow to play the PS4 demo kiosk and get some intimate, hands-on time with the console myself. Here’s what happened when trying to play first-party launch exclusive “KNACK”:


Unfortunately, we were shutdown and ejected by the evil Best Buy Dragon Queen because the legality of filming violates their PR policies. I couldn’t buy a PS4, I don’t know anyone that owns a unit who will let me rebox and unbox to have my own cool unboxing video then play it for hours while they sit and watch (apparently the only person I do know that owned one wanted to play it all for themselves launch day, go figure) so I did the next best thing:  going to a business that owned one with my film crew and using their free generosity to mooch gaming playtime and record it. Can a broke, ambivalent man-child gamer really be blamed for such gratuitous behavior? For my complete “PS4: Gamer on the Ground” article, click on the following link or click on the tab of the same name under the Editorials tab:



The Last of Us Single Player DLC “Left Behind” announced, Ellie a returning character

I have advocated every chance that has come to pass for TLoU to be a Game of the Year frontrunner and with this next DLC pack, scheduled to be released early 2014 my contention only grows stronger. Naughty Dog has confirmed the single-player story DLC for “The Last of Us” will indeed see the return of Ellie as a playable character and in fact, be a prequel to the core games story. It will also introduce the character of Riley, one of Ellie’s best and only friends at the military orphanage where she was being schooled. If you’ve read the Dark House 4-part comic series “American Dreams” then you should have some idea of what to expect, although the DLC is not an exact recreation from the comics story and appears to take place after the events from the last comic and in-between the beginning of the main game. I implore you guys to read “American Dreams” because not only does it offer a great precursor to Ellie’s backstory, but it also serves as a companion piece to the game’s main narrative. Here’s the teaser trailer for the DLC, entitled “Left Behind“:


Bioshock: Infinite “Burial at Sea” pt. 1 released

Return to Rapture before it's downfall and see it as in the utopia Andrew Ryan envisioned. Liz seeks out Bookers help as a Private Investigator in "Burial at Sea".

Return to Rapture before it’s downfall and see it as in the utopia Andrew Ryan envisioned. Liz seeks out Bookers help as a Private Investigator in “Burial at Sea”.

The first part of a duo DLC single-player pack for Bioshock: Infinite was released on November 12th for a MSRP of $14.99, or if you have the Season Pass then it’s available digitally as a download now for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. “Burial at Sea” is a two-part adventure that returns the player to Rapture in it’s glory days before plasmids corrupted the loyal denizens into Splicers and all hell broke loose.  Featuring some new weapons and a whole new story, you’ll play as private investigator Booker DeWitt hired by very more adult, demure persona of Elizabeth in the first part then take over and play as Elizabeth in the second part.

I was really disappointed with the story direction featured in Bioshock: Infinite’s single-player two part DLC “Burial at Sea” and although the concept and the return of Liz and Booker are certainly welcome, it seems so much more could’ve been explored within Infinite’s universe instead of returning to a glorified Rapture. Probably the most intriguing, albeit silent protagonist in a game this year was Infinite’s “Songbird“, the giant mechanical fowl that served as Elizabeth’s frightening ward in the main campaign. For all the lip-service Irrational paid to it’s newest terrifying creation (the collectors edition featured a 12-14” statue of the character and was aptly dubbed “Ultimate Songbird Edition“), Songbird was hardly featured in the core game and ultimately relegated to a minor supporting role. It seems their was so much back story for this character and situational set pieces that could’ve been crafted within a DLC campaign to give Songbird a more involved role. Am I the only one that feels this way? Comment below and speak your mind about what your ideal DLC scenario for Bioshock Infinite would’ve been.


Cosplayer Meagan Marie strikes a pose and brings her characters to life

Recently featured on Kotaku’s Fancy Pants (http://kotaku.com/5876329/the-very-best-of-meagan-maries-cosplay/), I knew she looked familiar. Sure enough, flipping through some of my past print editions of “Game Informer” I saw Meagan’s picture appear several times co-mingling with other GI editors, game developers and game industry folks. Not only is she a hell of a writer, but she can cosplay with the best of them. Take a look for your self:


Meagan portraying Anya from Gears of War, one of the few female gears that could take down herds of the locust with the boys


Meagan as Marie Antoinette, the ill-fated last queen of France and dare I say, one of the original "it-girls" before there even was a Hollywood.

Meagan as Marie Antoinette, the ill-fated last queen of France and dare I say, one of the original “it-girls” before there even was a Hollywood.

If you want to see more of Meagan’s tireless effort to recreate our favorite fictional and non-fictional characters, then go to her website and admire her skill as only us gross, girlfriend-less gamers could; by showering her with lots of praise and stalking her. Just kidding Meagan, all my subjective comments come from a place of gamer love

Meagan Marie’s WordPress Blog:


P.S.  You’ve cosplayed titular gaming characters, historical and mythical figures and even sci-fi badasses. But their seems to be one missing from your resume that happens to be my all time favorite gaming character: Samus Aran. Yes, I know it’s been done but there are so many different ways to approach her. A strong female lead when console gaming was still in it’s infancy and female heroines were uncommon, most women in games were relegated to the “damsel in distress” cliches. Her revelation came as a pleasant surprise to most gamers who played through the original Metroid and were expecting anything but. One of the original Nintendo stalwart characters, Samus has always been my favorite and if Nintendo would release a new Metroid game where she resumes the role of the silent, lone-wolf character (no more talking please, Samus spoke enough in “Other M” to last the next three generations of Metroid games), I would instantly go out and buy a Nintendo console just to play it. Just a thought, or rant. Whatever.






More new PlayStation 4 bundle rumors that supposedly includes a whole lot more for very little more money and Naughty Dog releases new update for “The Last of Us” that includes new multiplayer mode…. FOR FREE! WEEEE!

For a scantily clad, mere 100 dollar more investment you can purchase an awesome new PS4 Bundle that includes a game, extra DUALSHOCK 4 controller AND the new PS4 Eye camera

New PS4 bundles have been spotted online for sale in Europe that include a whole lot more extras for a very reasonable extra $100 sheckles.

New PS4 bundles have been spotted online for sale in Europe that include a whole lot more extras for a very reasonable extra $100 sheckles.

The inevitability of the new console launches from Sony and Microsoft are becoming more and more of a reality every new day that rises upon us. Next-Gen is almost here, and Sony has been rumored to soon announce a killer new bundle that includes (GET THIS:)

  • The PlayStation 4 Console + all standard A/V or HDMI cables plus AC Power Adapter
  • PS4 Launch Title KILLZONE: Shadow Fall
  • TWO Dual Shock 4 Controllers
  • PlayStation 4 Eye Camera
  • Plus all PlayStation 4 Bundles, whichever you purchase contain a Headset for communication via multiplayer or Live Chat services

So let’s break this down shall we? The standard PS4 bundle which includes the console, controller and headset costs $399. The aforementioned recently announced bundle contains all the extras for a total price of $499, the full price of rival Microsoft’s Xbox One console. Considering the fact that the MSRP on the PS4 Eye Camera is rumored to be around $100, the launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall will probably retail for around $59.99 and a new Dual Shock 4 Controller will most likely set you back another 50-60 dollars, your savings will be in the approximate range of 120 dollars. This estimate is hypothetical of course, since we truly won’t know the price of a Dual Shock 4 Controller, PS4 Eye Camera and Killzone launch title until they actually hit retail shelves. The prices offered via numerous online retailers such as Amazon maybe special prices for those who laid down the $100-200 in advance for preorders of the unit. If you have evidence to back up or refute my calculations, please don’t hesitate to comment and let me know. It should be noted that so far, this rumored bundle is only be spotted for sale in Europe so let’s hope Sony does the right thing here and makes it available to the states, yes?

Naughty Dog releases free v1.03 update for “The Last of Us” that includes new multiplayer mode called “Interrogation”

I have probably given up more hours of my life to TLOU’s surprisingly robust and addictive multiplayer portion then one would like to admit, but that is just a testament to Naughty Dog’s brilliant game design for their critically acclaimed summer PS3 blockbuster. In a recently new patch available for download via the PlayStation Network (version 1.03 to be exact) players will be greeted to a new multiplayer mode entitled “Interrogation“. While I haven’t played the new game mode for myself, I have heard mixed things about it. However, I won’t complain since it’s a free addition and not some hacked off bit to be locked away later as a DLC pack. I commend Naughty Dog on their commitment to keep “The Last of Us” fans constantly engaged via free updates and upcoming DLC packs. In the new Interrogation mode, you must literally torture your human opponents via shiv kills and other nasty executions to discover the whereabouts of their teams lockboxes. Once your team homes in and finds the precious booty,  your team must continue interrogating other opponents to ward off oncoming attackers and find the remaining additional lockboxes. If you’ve played this mode and loved it or hated it, comment and let me know, YES YES?

The Last of US DLC to be announced sometime in August, more new game purchases and pre-orders

Naughty Dog won’t rule out Joel and OR Ellie in a single-player story-based campaign DLC and also says that Multiplayer DLC will be announced in the near future as well

Joel and Ellie’s tumultuous journey across post-pandemic North America may be over, but developer Naughty Dog won’t rule out any future DLC packs that could include the characters in a side-story apart from the main single-player campaign. There are dozens of opportunities for interesting stories to be told here about the games many supporting characters such as:

  1. How did Joel and his brother Tommy survive those first several years during the outbreak that repulsed Tommy so much he needed to find refuge away from his brother and join the FireFly militia?
  2. The story of Ellie and her friend Riley becoming infected, only to have Ellie discover her immunity?
  3. What happened to Marlene after she parted ways with Joel, Tess and Ellie to the University and how she and the rest of the militia sacrificed so much to move to a new, safer Hospital location?
  4. How the hell did that weird, pedophilia cannibal David rise to power within the group of Hunters?
  5. The story regarding Ish and his return to the mainland after being at sea for so long, only to find civilization had completely collapsed. He used his own unique survivalist skills to build a new “family” like society in the tunnels by the sewer…. what happened during the final days when their safety was compromised so that Ish and several others had to abandon the only safe haven they had?
  6. The remnants of one of the fallen Quarantine Zones banding together to fight back at the Military to gain control because of the food shortages etc… Then there’s the other side of the story…..
  7. The few soldiers that survived the uprising against the Hunters/Bandits in one of the Quarantine Zones and the female soldier that vowed revenge against her fallen comrades. This idea would certainly make use of A LOT of stealth and perhaps you would even have some advanced weaponry at your disposal because this character was military.
  8. Henry and Sam, how they managed to get stuck in the city crawling with Hunters and what tactics they used to survive without being caught.

These are just some of the ideas that have been rattling around across internet forums and some of my own personal ideas. Of course, with what I’ve come to understand so far there will be only ONE single-player DLC addition, the rest will be multiplayer. I have no objection to this as I love the multiplayer component to “The Last of Us” and some new maps, new game modes etc. would be a welcome addition! Also, as for the multiplayer DLC how about giving players new maps that cater to you fighting another squad smack dab in the middle of an area with infected? Having not only to worry about human opponents but a clicker or bloater bursting through the doors would make for some tense moments, yes? Or a new mode where  your team must survive against the infected while scavenging for parts for you clan (kind of like a horde mode, but with less emphasis on the horde and more emphasis on obtaining food and parts for your clan to thrive and survive). Anyways, are you listening Naughty Dog? I hope you’re taking notes!

It’s my Birthday and I’ll cry if I want to, CRY IF I WANT TO…. but instead I purchased Tales of Graces F and finalized my preorders for Tales of Xillia Limited Edition and Dragon’s Crown

So anyways, my Birfday is tomorrow and my dad took me out on a $100 game shopping spree. HOORAH FOR SHOPPING SPREES! Seeing how I had already put my preorders in for “Dragon’s Crown” and “Tales of Xillia Limited Edition“, I decided to pay for the rest of both games and pick up Tales of Graces F to familiarize myself with the series mechanics and gameplay style (because not EVERY JRPG is exactly the same). I was able to purchase “Tales of Graces F” for approximately $27 used with a “20 Percent Off Any Pre-Owned Game” coupon that GameStop sent out to me via an automated Happy Birthday email. Who says being a used game and physical disc whore doesn’t come with fringe benefits?

Purchased this weekend for my Birthday: "Tales of Graces F" is part of the "Tales..." series going all the way back to the PlayStation One era of RPGS. These games have become somewhat of an institution for modern-day RPGS because the "Tales" series has had so many console iterations. One of the few RPGS that can compare to the longevity of the Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Breath of Fire RPG's (although I'm still waiting for a PS3 version of a new Breath of Fire).

Purchased this weekend for my Birthday: “Tales of Graces F” is part of the “Tales…” series going all the way back to the PlayStation One era of RPGS. These games have become somewhat of an institution for modern-day RPGS because the “Tales” series has had so many console iterations. One of the few RPGS that can compare to the longevity of the Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Breath of Fire RPG’s (although I’m still waiting for a PS3 version of a new Breath of Fire).

Coming August 6th to both the PS3 and PS Vita exclusively, Dragon's Crown has already garnered critical acclaim to it's throwback style of 2D fantasy brawlers from the 16-bit and arcade era. Similar to Golden Axe in it's gameplay mechanics but with much more depth due to it's deep leveling system and stat management, Dragon's Crown is a rare gem developed by Vanillaware as a love letter to button-mashing, beat-em-ups from the 90's. With local 4-player and Network multiplay, this game will be a blast to brawl through. And the gorgeous 2D hand-drawn characters make this a must-buy for any retro gaming fan.

Coming August 6th to both the PS3 and PS Vita exclusively, Dragon’s Crown has already garnered critical acclaim thanks to it’s throwback style of 2D fantasy brawlers from the 16-bit console and arcade era. Similar to Golden Axe in it’s gameplay mechanics but with much more depth due to it’s deep leveling system and stat management, Dragon’s Crown is a rare gem developed by Vanillaware as a love letter to button-mashing, beat-em-ups from the 90’s. With local 4-player and Network multiplay, this game will be a blast to brawl through. And the gorgeous 2D hand-drawn characters make this a must-buy for any retro gaming fan.

Pictured Above: The voluptuous and ridiculously proportioned "Sorceress" character class. The beautiful hand-drawn visuals make this game a rarity amongst today's AAA blockbusters that focus on pushing polygon counts, facial realism and bigger explosions with better particle effects.

Pictured Above: The voluptuous and ridiculously proportioned “Sorceress” character class. The beautiful hand-drawn visuals make this game a rare stand-out title amongst today’s AAA blockbusters that focus on pushing polygon counts for realistic facial expressions, bigger explosions and better particle effects.

Indie Game: The Movie worth your time, Ellen Page feels her likeness was to close for comfort in TLoU and GameStop may be taking unlimited preorders for the PS4


Looking for a new perspective on gaming? Check out Indie Game: The Movie. The documentary follows three independent game developers as they try to meet ridiculous deadlines, contend with legal battles, face community backlash and more. Well worth the miniscule $10.00 investment for a rare, voyeuristic look into game development.

Documentaries about video gaming are few and far between, but documentaries about game development are near non-existent. Enter Indie Game: The Movie, released last May to critical acclaim, follows 3 independent developers all in different stages of production for their respective titles. Jonathon Blow of platformer fame ” Braid” already had his title finished by the time filming began and offers an interesting retrospective on the creative process from beginning to end. Also featured is Phil Fish who went on to create the indie hit “Fez“, and we watch almost intently as a voyeur while he nervously sweats out trying to battle constant glitches at an important gaming convention and the fallout from legal issues after his development partner split. Last but not least we see Team Meat’s Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes in crunch mode trying to push out their companies debut “Super Meat Boy”. The duo makes their confessions vocal about their discontent towards Microsoft for constantly shuffling their titles release which in turn forces them to work 20-hour days and live in pure chaos with little to no sleep. Who said making video games couldn’t be a dramatic experience? The movie is produced and directed by Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky and can be purchased from the following link (I believe the doc is also available for streaming on Netflix and most other Video-On-Demand services):


Second Skin movie poster

Second Skind [2008] jumps head first into the underbelly of becoming a gamer fully immersed into games on such a massive scale that it becomes difficult to separate the person from the game.

Also, if you are more into the MMORPG side of gaming such as World of Warcraft then I highly recommend 2008’s Second Skin. Another documentary about gaming in general, this film demonstrates how such massive games can change human social archetypes and how the game can slowly become your life. I’m sure you can find it online for sale with a little fervent googling


A true, but somewhat disturbing statistic presented during the documentary Second Skin. It’s definitely easier to tell a stranger who we have no physical or real attachment to our deepest secrets then our best friends in real life.

Ellen Page was asked on a Reddit AMA about Naughty Dog’s “The Last of Us” regarding the similarities of herself compared to the main character “Ellie” in the game, to which she responded.

“I guess I should be flattered that they ripped off my likeness, but I am actually acting in a video game called Beyond: Two Souls, so it was not appreciated.”

Page, who reportedly hasn’t played a video game since Crash Bandicoot (go figure, a Naughty Dog title) for the PlayStation until the start of her involvement with Quantic Dream and creating Beyond: Two Souls. I always thought she would be more of a gamer, but I guess that’s just me creating a personality for someone I have no real connection to out of thin air. I think someone forgot to tell Ellen that Naughty Dog has been working on TLoU for YEARS and any likeness between the two is purely coincidence. The character of Ellie is voiced by actress Ashley Johnson. Page is a good actress but man, this was literally just a silly case of mistaken identity. Naughty Dog created the character of Ellie as a 14 year old girl and Page is in her 20’s, so I doubt that they actively pursued her likeness for this game.

Source:  Huffington Post UK

According to multiple sources, Sony is encouraging retailer GameStop to take an unlimited amount of pre-orders for it’s upcoming next-gen console, the PlayStation 4. When I was at my local GameStop during the week of E3, they had literally used up all of their allotted slots for PS4 pre-orders and to reserve a console come launch day it cost $100. I’ll have to pop back in to my local store to see if there is any validity to this story, but if it’s true Sony has some pretty big balls if they believe they can fill the demand come launch day, and I sincerely hope they can. Nothing sucks worse then having the money to buy the latest and greatest but it’s completely out of stock everywhere. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if for once during a console launch, the supply actually FIT the demand (the GameCube and PS3 launches obviously don’t count) ? One can dream, oh one can dream…

Sony Exclusive Previews and Other Awesome Titles shown at E3

This years E3 will undoubtedly be remembered for the unveiling of the crop of next-gen hardware from Microsoft and Sony, but also for the exciting plethora of games coming for both current and next gen consoles. Let’s start off with next gen:

Mirrors EDGE -=- PS4 / Xbox One

A surprise revelation towards the end of EA’s Press Conference, this reboot of ME was probably the last thing many expected. Personally, I always thought this IP deserved a awesome sequel (EA claims this will be a reboot of the franchise) as I loved the constant pace of running and literally thinking while on your feet. The reboot, sequel, prequel or whatever the hell it is looks to improve upon the original in every conceivable way possible. Check out the teaser trailer from E3 below:

Knack -=- PS4

The pet project of PlayStation 4’s Lead Architect Mark Cerny is a hybrid of classic platformers with the infusion of new technology. Knack, titled after the main character you play as, is a self-aware robot with the ability to manipulate the environment around him. He can absorb different pieces of a level to make himself much larger to even the odds against a larger, more difficult adversary or can absorb resources such as ice, metal etc to constantly forge new abilities. Knack will be an PS4 exclusive launch title and Cerny describes Knack as a “family-friendly” oriented game that casual and hardcore gamers alike can both enjoy. Check out the announcement trailer below:

Killzone: Shadow Fall -=- PS4

One of Sony’s flagship series and launch titles developed by First-pary Developer Guerrilla looks to be the most aesthetically pleasing of the PlayStation 4’s Launch Line-up. Being a Killzone fan myself, I’m actually quite excited for this release. KZ2 and KZ3 were great FPS exclusive entries for the PS3 and I can only imagine with all the extra horsepower under the PS4’s hood that Guerilla and Sony may manage to turn KZ: Shadowfall could into a system seller. The Killzone franchise may not be anywhere close to Halo in terms of popularity, but it’s realistic environments and weighty weapon mechanics made for a compelling and addictive gaming experience. The Helghast (the primary antagonist in all 3 KZ games) can draw comparison from the Nazi war machine of WW2 and the realistic gunplay mechanics always worked well for this series. Here’s a 20-minute presentation that features a gameplay trailer and the dev’s explaining how they went about to create the impressive visuals featured in the game which should give you an idea of what the next iteration of Killzone will offer:


Watch Dogs -=- PS4 / Xbox One (plus every other available platform known to man)

Watch Dogs is a multi-multi platform release coming this fall developed by Ubisoft. I would say Watch Dogs is the definitive launch title amongst the next-gen consoles except it’s supposedly coming out for the PS3 and 360 at the same time, as well as EVERYTHING ELSE (literally). Obviously the game will probably play much smoother and look exceptionally better on the PS4 and Xbone. You play as character Aiden Pierce, who has a 6th sense for hacking electronic devices and controlling the digital world around him. In the gameplay demo below, it shows Aiden hacking into a cellphones, street-side video cameras, street lights and even retractable traffic poles to cease the ingress of a police cars.  Watch the gameplay vid below running on the PS4 hardware (courtesy of IGN):


Those were just some of the highlights of this years E3. There were many, many more games revealed and on display from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Sony is said to have around 20 titles available when the PS4 launches this fall. Microsoft also had some very interesting exclusives, including Quantum Break, RYSE, Project Spark and the blockbuster shooter Titanfall being published by EA for Xbox One, the 360 and MS Windows. Here’s a look at some of the Sony exclusives coming out for the PS3 this year:


Beyond: Two Souls -=- PS3

A exclusive Playstation title, created by the brilliant team at Quantic Dream and featuring Ellen Page as the protagonist and William Dafoe as her caretaker. What more do you need? The game looks absolutely gorgeous and if it’s one thing Quantic Dream knows how to do it’s push the PS3 technology to it’s limit. Heavy Rain was a beautiful, if not melancholy title that contained a great story and well developed characters. The E3 demo below shows off more of the action-oriented parts of the game, as the title follows Page’s character Jodi Holmes for 30 years of her life. And it’s nice to see that the action sequences won’t be confined to just Quick Time Events like it’s predecessor. Beyond: Two Souls looks much more like a game then an interactive movie and I couldn’t be more pleased. Beyond will be released this fall exclusively for PS3. Check out the in-game demo footage below from E3:

Rain -=- PS3

Rain is one of those rare titles where art, beauty and gameplay blend seamlessly. You play as a boy that has crossed into a world where he is totally invisible to the naked eye, making only his silhouette in the rain the only visible way to distinguish him from your environment. You must navigate the streets of this world, filled with dangerous animals and puzzles and even have a partner; a little girl who you are constantly trying to connect with but seemingly are always separated by enemies, structures and even her own fear that keeps her from reaching out to you. Rain is a platformer at heart but with a much more somber and disparate take on the genre. Rain is coming exclusively to the PS3 via the Playstation Network and could be another breakout hit a la Journey. Developed by JAPAN Studios. Check out the Story Trailer below

The Last of Us -=- PS3

The Last of Us is Naughty Dog’s swan song to the PS3. The game has already been released with universal acclaim and is certainly a contender for Game of the Year. It’s no wonder that Sony acquired the studio back in 2001 after producing such PlayStation originals as Crash Bandicoot for the original PSX. Since then, the studio’s  demand on itself for exceptional quality in each subsequent title released has become ever more apparent. For this current generation, ND has released the Uncharted series to critical acclaim, with each title besting it’s predecessor. For it’s final entry into the Playstation 3 generation, Naughty Dog went with something completely different and I’m so happy that they did. The Last of Us is a survival-horror game taking place in post-pandemic North America where your character Joel, a hardened grizzly survivalist that trades for goods on the black market, must escort a 14-yr old girl named Ellie from the government dominated quarantine sector across hazardous parts of the country. North America has been overrun by “the infected”, which has decimated 90% of the population leaving factions of healthy humans looking to steal and kill you for your supplies. The game is visually stout and best demonstrates bow if effectively programmed for, the CELL processor is a unique and awesome piece of H/W. Walking through the decaying and deserted cities once populated by man to see how nature has progressively reclaimed the Earth is awe-inspiring, to say the least. If you are a Naughty Dog fan or a survival-horror fan or hell, looking for a reason to buy a PS3 “The Last of Us” is that reason. Yes, the game is that good. Look for a full review coming soon on HiddenDefinition. Below is the red-band trailer that debuted during an episode of AMC’s “The Walking Dead”.